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    @feligosky P2P service is replaced by GeoSurf Residential,
    Please PM @GeoSurf-Business-Proxy-Network

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    @Me Resell for Luminati.. no way...

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  • Python 3 Proxy Tookit - Fast Proxy Checker

    Python 3 Proxy Tookit - Fast Proxy Checker

    Fast multi-threaded proxy checker based on strategies.

    Strategies: httpbinStrategy (validate ip, default), httpbinAnonymousStrategy (validate ip - anonymous only, default), googleStrategy (validate if banned on google)


    Download the source code from github and run:

    python3 install


    pip3 install PyProxyToolkit


    python3 -m PyProxyToolkit.Console -h
    usage: [-h] -i I -o O [-t T] [-x X]
                       [-s {httpbinStrategy,googleStrategy}]
    optional arguments:
      -h, --help            show this help message and exit
      -i I                  Proxy list in file
      -o O                  Proxy list out file (append)
      -t T                  Number of threads
      -x X                  Timeout in sec
      -w W                  Write results to file interval in sec
      -s {httpbinStrategy,googleStrategy,httpbinAnonymousStrategy}
                            Select strategy
      -ssl {yes,no}         SSL Mode
      -debug {yes,no}       Debug Mode


    python3 -m PyProxyToolkit.Console -i in.txt -o out.txt -t 30 -X 30 -s googleStrategy

    ##Write results interval
    with -w option you can select the interval bewteen results output to file.
    when working on big proxies list you might want to see the results while proxy checker working.
    the default values is 30 sec.

    Strategy provide the request url and matching logic.
    The checker sends request to strategy url and return the content for validation.

    Supported strategies:

    1. httpbinStrategy - the strategy and sends request to and validate the proxy ip against the response.
    2. httpbinAnonymousStrategy - same as httpbinStrategy buy filter out transparent proxies.
    3. googleStrategy - the strategy validate if the proxy is banned on Google

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