GeoSurf Demo or Test?

@Me Resell for Luminati.. no way...

Make smaller commitment prices around ~50$ @GeoSurf-Business-Proxy-Network Some of us only use proxies for a few days at a time. Which is why @ProxiesOnline was so beneficial, now that you are folding into one org, i guess ill have to find a new provider. I cannot justify 300$ for a few days.

I agree 100% about $300/month commitment is TOO high for previous rev.proxies members, it should be pay as you go or something like $50/month commitment. (Only for previous rev customers, new customers handle however you'd like... I.e. Grandfathered in from rev)

What will happen to our current balances>

The price is overpriced, No one will buy it, I prefer to make small packages like rev proxies online

We are not millionr to buy that much money for a month, our budget is low, @ProxiesOnline why you are closing? I see you have so many customers?

@fjjames For readers only - we offer a special $50 off coupon code. PM to reclaim your coupon code.

Thank you for follow up, however $250 is too big of a risk to verify the service works as stated. If you move to offering a smaller plan or an initial plan for people to test with their tools then please reach out happy to try but price for initial trial / testing would ideally be $25 - $50 depending on the duration of the test access and the number of endpoints available

I agreed with the above ^^^ @mixedmessage is absolutely correct. A Monthly commitment of $50 is reasonable for me as long as the service works as stated. I recommend that you create a "grandfathered in" plan for current REV customers who you would like to retain as @ProxiesOnline @GeoSurf customers. $50/month commitment and a pay as you go option.

@administrators would double check everyone who is a previous REV customer that was sent the email invite Any response, replies, input from anyone and everyone are greatly welcomed!

Hi @Z1 ,

It's has been a though decision but essential to shut down rev's stand-alone operation. We currently do not offer any other packages. There are plenty of other services that offers exactly what you seek for.

We appreciate the love rev.proxies getting here, we really do! Unfortunately we cannot help you.

According to your own terms, it sounds like you can't actually shut down part of your service without cause for termination?

It would be great if you could refund our balances since your product will no longer accessible.

hi, i will to create accounts in globaltestmarket please recomend me a good services..

hi, i will to create accounts in globaltestmarket please recomend me a good services..

hi, i will to create accounts in globaltestmarket please recomend me a good services..

Hi @joshua123 ,

If you're interested in purchasing GeoSurf's proxy package please go to

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