Problem with Rev Proxies

@proxiesonline Can we buy 1 GB ( 25$ ) like a old P2P proxies Online? Thank you

@frize send me PM with ur email
@anyer1988 - Please PM @GeoSurf-Business-Proxy-Network , The old P2P is deprecated

So we can buy now?

Also, the 'forgot password' link doesn't work.


I have joined this new service due to rev.proxies no longer in service.

I had $77 left in proxy data and I would like to use ASAP.

I need to use both rotating and sticky proxies for December 15th - please message asap.

I also have other inquiries - please respond asap thanks!

@GeoSurf YOUR prices are overpriced, it is crazy price, how comes i pay 300$ monthly? and what about who don't need that much GB? for example 1 gb is enough for me monthly, why i have to pay 300$ for 25$ and i don't need them? do small packages

Hi @Safwat the best thing I can do is offer you a special coupon code for members only. Please PM if you're interested.

@proxiesonline said in Problem with Rev Proxies:

The Issue fixed...

Few changes

  • The system has been closed for new registration
  • Buying new credits closed - The service will be shutdown soon as part of moving to GeoSurf Residential

Add option for deposit paypal checkout, that only allow subscript and need credit card

I had a balance of $ 528 and you don't answer! What am I to do?

@akang same problem

@proxiesonline what should i do i cant login error 504

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